Thirumanam Tv Programme

               Traditionally and religiously celebrated Wedding s are valuable things which  purely change or uplift of life career in a superstitious way.For celebrating  such a wonderful Wedding of yours in a memorable way we are their with you all to give some advice to make it big. yes. now you can understand how important is your wedding day ceremony even thou it's a one day event. all the village people your friends staffs family and all will be there at your wedding function to give their wish and bless into your life. if you are not going to celebrate the wedding beautifully then you will be failed in the whole life.not only that our weekly program in Vasantham TV at 6 o' clock is giving you some more advice that how you should be at your wedding and how to be clean and clear and all. so Don't miss the both. you dont need to search any where both will be given under the brand name of THIRUMANAM