Iyngaran Media Solution is an Advertising Agency which was started on the 10th of December 2010. This company is specially organized and occupied in Sri Lanka to give companies a solution to reach their Tamil target audience. As we all know there is no organization that concentrates on reaching the Tamil audience in Sri Lanka other than Media Stations. Iyngaran Media Solution is the first Advertising and solution provider in this market.

Services we provide   ·

  •          Activations, promotions & Special Media Projects
  •  ·       Cinema  advertising ( Tamil Cinemas) · 
  •          Video/Audio Commercial Production ·
  •          Air Time Management  
Apart from above Iyngaran Media Solution also under take following,

Iyngaran Media Solution is also under take to handle the marketing & selling specific events of a company in which they need to raise funds.
Usually Advertising Agency's deal with ATL (Above The Line)or BTL ( Below The Line)advertising strategy but only in Iyngaran Media Solution we have adopt TTL(Through The Line)advertising strategy to provide organization with better reach.
Iyngaran Media Solution is also an Adverting Agency which is formed with a marketing strength that can helps organizations to develop their sales in Tamil speaking areas.
Our Strength & Growth 

From the inception of Iyngaran, there has been a rapid growth which has established the name in the market which has recognized that is the only agency that provided services to reach the Tamil speaking population effectively and efficiently with the ability to recognize specific markets for specific products in the Tamil speaking areas. 

As of now top 30 cooperates are advertising and dealing with Iyngaran to reach their desired audiences through the services mentioned above while we serve the second tear cooperates along with the proprietors  who are engaged in various businesses. 

Our core business

Iyngaran Media Solution’s core business is conducting and carrying out special promotions, activations & special media projects for our valued clients. Recently we carried out the “ Sahithya Vizha ”, an event that participated by 203 schools in the Uva Province conducted for 3 days and it revolved around school children and their skills in Tamil Literature with a cultural pageant. The collaboration was with the Ministry Of Education in the Uva Province and it proved to be a very successful event which gave the authorities and schools in the area recognition. 

We also carry out our own events that give the clients an opportunity to reach their Tamil audience with ease. Some of the event we conduct are annual (Jaffna Summer Fiesta, Indian artist show, Indian comedy star show) and some are based on the need basis in the market. 

In these events our objective is to promote the clients and their brands not Iyngaran`s name. Therefore the clients who engage with the event will get the best attention.
In Iynagaran media solution we deal and carry out promotions and activations for companies to increase sales. All though there are many types of advertising methods available to promote sales for companies, but only in Iyngaran Media Solution we carry out innovative promotions and activations that suites the Tamil audience to increase sales and brand awareness. We have carried out many promotions & Activations with leading FMCG Companies & service providers in Sri Lanka.