Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising is the method of promoting a business through Cinema Promotions. The objective of Cinema advertising is to expose the movie patron with advertiser’s message in a more controlled focus environment where the viewer has no choice but to engage with the message. Also the branding provided within the cinema premises will add more values to the advertiser in communicating the message more effectively and efficiently comparatively to the other media available in the market. It is also a cost effective advertising method and the reach is guaranteed.

In other types of promotion or Activation consumer can only see the commercial but when conducting a promotion and activation at the cinema the consumer will see the commercial while experiencing the product.

A large portfolio of new markets has emerged in the North and the East in Sri Lanka challenging enterprising entrepreneurs. Their success depends on the availability, and the accessibility of valid information on the uniqueness that is the North and the East. Iyangaran Media Solutions (IMS) incorporated in 2010, understands the background ethos, and the psyche of the Tamil Speaking Population, and is ideally poised to deliver the service to clients.

As a part of their empathy with ground reality, IMS jumpstarted advertising in Tamil cinemas in the island, providing the advertiser more insightful links into the market. The service has engaged the brands of the clients more actively, through the cinemas spread across the North and the East, and Colombo. Realising that the Tamil Cinema is a key sphere of entertainment of the Tamil Speaking Population, IMS premiered the best South Indian Tamil movies enhancing client return. Clients are provided innovative on location activations that magnify and promote the message on the screen.

Movie Distribution

South Indian Tamil Movie industry is one of the largest industries in the world second to Hollywood & we are a part of it as we engage in importing & distribution of Tamil movies in Sri Lanka partnering with the South Indian film makers & producers.